Select Heat Treatment for Your Application in Four Points

Have you ever been a situation where you know heat treatment is required but don’t know which types of heat treatment process is to start with for your application? The following four points can help you.


  1. Soft like the dough: If you need to do some cold working (giving shape to the metal without applying heat) like cold forging, forming, flaring, grinding etc. then you have to go for annealing. It makes the metal soft enough for giving some shape in cold process.
  2. De-stress it: After you are done with the cold working, you got some nice shape out of the metal, right? But by this process you have added some internal stress to it. So, before you go for hardening you must do normalizing. It has nothing to do with softening, it only relieve the internal stress so that after hardening it should not deform.
  3. Make it hard: Till now the product is too soft to actually survive the application purpose. So, harden it now by hardening.

  5. Give ductility: By now the component is extremely hard, thanks to martesite. At the same time it makes the component too brittle to survive. Tempering is the process of inducing ductility or toughness to the component.

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