Helical Compression Spring Design Calculator


Instructions for using the Compression  Spring Deign Calculator:

  • Enter all the input fields upto “Diameter of the Spring Wire”, these are the input design parameters for your helical compression spring.
  • Click on the button ” Click to Get approx. Mean Spring Diameter:”and you will get approximate value of mean spring diameter calculated based on the given maximum permissible shear stress value.
  • Take the nearest round-off value of the just calculated approximate mean diameter and enter in the field “Enter Actual Mean Spring Diameter”. Now hit the “Click to Design Spring” button of the helical compression spring design calculator  to get the output spring design parameters.
  • Check out the value of “Shear Stress Develop in Wire T”.
  • Change the “Actual mean spring diameter” valueso that, you get “maximum developed shear stress” value in the order of maximum permissible torsional stress value. Round-off the number of active coil value.

Input section

Maximum Working load:

Minimum Working load:

Length of the spring at Maximum loading condition:


Length of the spring at minimum loading condition:


Shear Modulus of the Spring Material G:


Maximum Permisible Torsional Shear Stress Tmax:


Diameter of the Spring Wire:



Enter Actual Mean Spring Diameter:




Output section:

Spring Constant K:

Spring Index C:

Wahl Correction Factor W:

Shear stress develop in wire T:


Number of Active Coil Na:

Free length of the spring Lf: 


Apart from this calculator, i also developed an android app for helical compression spring design software. You can download the Android app as well, it’s free.

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