Micro vs Mild vs Full Hybrid Vehicle

When a motor vehicle is partially or fully powered by more than one type of power source (mostly fossil fuel and battery power) then it is called hybrid vehicle.


Hybrid cars are most commonly classified in following three categories:

  1. Micro hybrid
  2. Mild hybrid
  3. Full hybrid


Micro hybrid

Not a hybrid in true sense as the vehicle never really runs on any other power source than traditional fossil fuels. Characterized by intelligent stop -start system and Regenerative Braking system.

Micro Hybrid Car Working

Examples: Mahindra Scorpio


Mild hybrid

Mild hybrid is of two types:

  1. Parallel
  2. Series


Parallel Mild Hybrid

A small DC motor (Starter/generator) is coupled in parallel with the main IC engine. The additional DC motor provides assistance to the IC engine as and when required. The DC motor makes use of the battery which utilized the regenerative braking system power for charging.

It also uses intelligent Stop-Start system.

It cannot power the vehicle with DC motor alone.


Parallel Mild Hybrid Car Working

Example: General Motors Parallel Hybrid Truck


Series Mild Hybrid

Here a large DC motor is coupled directly with the wheels. The motor is charged by an IC engine with additional support from the power harnessed from the other sources.

It also uses intelligent Stop-Start system.

Here the vehicle can be run by the DC motor alone.
Mild Hybrid Series Car

Example: Chevy Malibu


Full Hybrid

Here the engines as well as the electric motor both are powerful enough to power the vehicle independently. Control system intelligently chooses the optimum power source based on the driving conditions.

Other smart power saving features of mild hybrid like Stop-start system, regenerative braking etc are there.

How Full Hybrid Vehicle Works

Example: Lexus CT200h


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