Simplified ASME Pressure Vessel Design Calculation Example – Part 2- Vessel Sizing

Refer the Part-1 of this thin wall pressure vessel design calculation example tutorial series to understand the problem statement. I will use the basic geometry formulas here rather than ASME section viii division 1.


Pressure Vessel Sizing Calculation

Input data (refer problem statement):

Type=Thin walled

Volume = 30 cubic meter

Pressure= 75 Pa

Temperature = 90 Degree C




Criteria for Thin wall pressure vessel: r/t>=10

We will be using r/t = 225                                                                             

Let’s assume Thickness (t) =6 mm                                                            

So, Radius (r) = 1350 mm             

Volume=30 cubic meter = pi*r^2*h + 4/3*pi*r^3                              

So, Straight height (h) =3439.668 mm (we will use 3440 mm hence forth)              



This straight height will be used in the subsequent parts of this thin walled pressure vessel design calculation tutorial series as input for the ASME section eight division one equations.

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