Cold Rolling Process

Cold rolling is the process of giving shape to the soft raw materials by passing it through a set of rollers without applying heat (or, more technically, below recrystallization temperature). To make the raw material soft, annealing is normally done before this process. The components produced by this process have good surface finish and tighter tolerances. However, the component produced by this got work hardened and you should do normalizing before performing any further machining on it. Normally multiple rolling stations are used for gradual reduction of the cross sections.

Fig.1: Cold Rolling Process


Image source: Wiki
Level of surface finish achieved: 6.3-0.20 micro meters


–      Good surface finish

–      Good dimensional accuracy

–      Cost effective process


–      Cannot change the shape drastically.

–      Require annealing before rolling.

Ideal applications: Ideal for making strips, sheets, bar, rods.

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