How Practical a Water Powered Car really is

Water fueled car? Well, it does exist or even better, you can convert your car to run on water by using commercially available kits. But before taking any final decision on this, let’s see the different theories behind the H2O powered car.


How Water Powered Car Works

Theory-1- Electrolysis of water: This method is most popular one. Here, the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen molecules (or HHO gas) is produced by different electrolysis methods. The onboard conversion kits typically use car’s electricity to do the electrolysis. The HHO is then burnt to power the vehicle much like burning CNG.

The efficiency of the electrolysis process is the major concern for this theory. Typically, it has been told that the amount energy burnt to produce the HHO (or Brown’s gas) is double the energy produced by burning the HHO. Or, in other words, you spent more fuel than you actually save.


Theory-2 – Hydride: In this method, water is passed over some metal hydride to generate hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas then burnt to power the car’s IC engine.

Here, the costly metal hydride is consumed in addition to the water.



Designing efficient electrolyser which can consume lesser electricity is holding the key for future development of totally run by water. Having said that, the currently available HHO technologies can be used in combination with waste heat recovery technologies to increase the fuel efficiency in a great extent.

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