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The aim of this blog is to help you on the basics of science and engineering which you are already aware of by your college or university studies but somehow forgotten by excessive work load or excessive use of ready made software.

If you are an engineering or science graduate and have a flare for sharing knowledge then you are the perfect fit for writing contents for mechGuru.


Benefits of Writing for mechGuru as Guest Blogger

1. You will be acknowledged through the author box at bottom of the article. Links will be given to the author’s official website/blog as well as twitter and facebook accounts.

2. You will earn respect among the mechGuru audience community – which consists of professional as well as student engineers.

3. Share your knowledge and learning by challenging yourself to learn little more.


Topics You Can Write

1. Engineering design calculations pertaining to all the branches of engineering

2. Manufacturing processes and machinery required for all the things you see around

3. Theoretical concepts of engineering – simplified with example

4. How engineering systems works – simplified

5. Applied engineering mathematics – Simplified


Please note that NOT all submissions or applicants will be accepted. In order to maintain a high quality for our articles, every article will undergo a review by our panel of reviewers before acceptance.

Only original and unpublished articles will be accepted. Once your article has been published, all the copy writes of it will belong to mechGuru.com and you cannot republished it without our written permission.

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