MechGuru's Worm Gear Box Design Calculator

  Input section for Worm Gear Box Design

   Select Module m : MM

   Speed of the Worm : RPM

   Speed of the Gear : RPM

   Output section of Worm Gear Box Design

   Axial Pitch of Worm or Circular Pitch of Gear P:

   Number of Teeth in Worm T1 :

   Number of Teeth in Gear T2 :

   Pitch Circle Diameter of Worm D1 :

   Pitch Circle Diameter of Gear D2 :

   Centre to Centre Distance Between Worm and Gear C :

   The value of "L1 = [C^(0.875)]/2" :

   The value of "L2 = [C^(0.875)]/1.07" :

   The value of D1 should lie in between L1 and L2. If it is not, you have to change the Module(m).