Laminated Object Manufacturing Process

The laminated object manufacturing or LOM is the manufacturing process of making flat components by laying the thin layers or glued raw materials and subsequently applying pressure over the assembly. The construction of the produced component is much similar to … Read the rest

Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM) Process

Abrasive jet machining (AJM) or micro-abrasive blasting or abrasive micro-blasting or pencil blasting is the process of removing or local eroding of the material by jet of abrasive particles and gas mixtures.

Level of surface finish achieved: micro meters

Advantages:Read the rest

Laser Cutting Process

Normally the Carbon dioxide (CO2 laser is used here for precision cutting of materials. CO2 laser is typically produced by passing a current into the DC –excited gas mix. The laser beam is then directed and controlled by computer to … Read the rest

Oxy Gas Cutting Process

The gas cutting or flame cutting or oxygas cutting (or simply gas cutting) equipment typically consists of a cutting torch (or nozzle) connected with two cylinders, one of the cylinders is filled with oxygen and another with acetylene. The acetylene … Read the rest

Soldering Process

Soldering process is similar to that of brazing except the temperature. The temperature here must be below 450 degree C as per American welding Society (AWS) definition.


–      Size of the heat affected zone is very less

–      Less … Read the rest

Brazing Process

Brazing process is a kind of fusion welding process where very soft filler materials are used and the joining process is performed at lower temperature (above 450 degree C). The joining area is also very small compare to the traditional … Read the rest